Tapioca soup

No Burrito

Bacon-Melon Omelette and Wine-champignons

Roast the bacon until the fat begins to render. Then turn off the fire and add the melon slices. They will caramelize together. This mixture  is a flavour enhancement.

One of my favorites

The Salmon should be raw in thin slices, just like Serrano hams.

Feta cheese & Beetroot ( Try II )

This mixture tastes better, the combination between the ground beef, Beetroot and the Feta cheese is fantastic.

Feta cheese & Beetroot ( Try I )

I have just tried to mix the great taste of roasted beetroot and fresh Feta cheese

Champignons dialogue

Braised champignons in a light spice pepper cream sauce and Stir fried chicken with vegetables.


Spice marinated chicken slices with some Salad and Balsamic vinegar.

Peach Tagliatelle


Baked Zucchinis filled with Mozzarella cheese.
Just great!


Super Muffin

Prunus persica Pasta

cold Pasta

Chanterelle Turkey Pasta


Ginger black sesame chicken

Baked Eggplant

Chanterelle Tagliatelle

Pasta Napoli

Raisins ground meat

Avocado zucchini chicken

Mango chicken

Pizza a la bolognessa

Tandoori chicken

Carpaccio beetroot salad

Broccoli and Salmon

Pasta focaccia and wine

Tricolor mood

Sesame Ratatouille

Coconut Turkey

Peas & Chicken

The beginning (Pasta alla Puttanesca)

This is how stories are born
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